It's flamenco fashion time!

¡Arranca la temporada flamenca!

Every year, the WE LOVE FLAMENCO catwalk starts the flamenco season. Followed by the notorious SIMOF (International flamenco fashion venue) and many more. Designers present their flamenco dresses and customers find the inspiration buying or confectioning their own flamenco dress.

For this reason, Ravial would like to show you what we’ve got new.

Floral print

The flower would be, without any doubt, the main actress of this upcoming season, as we have already seen lately these years. Presented in many colors and sizes, you can find them within the classical red, white, or black, as well as some other new trendy colors. In the same way, you can find them printed on crêpe, elastic cotton, linen or viscose, among others.

Printed polka dots

We cannot forget the classical polka dot. Printed, flocked or plumeti sewn. This form is, without any doubt, the flamenco king.

Also available in many fabrics, like our TABLAO model, a printed knit fabric ideal for rehearsal skirts. Or our DRAVA FLOCADO, a flocked chiffon fabric, as well as the widly known tulle plumeti, VEREDA model.

Plain fabrics

Obviously, we can’t forget the plain classic fabrics, such as: crêpe, poplin, chiffon, can-can, knitted or elastic cotton, among many others. Available in a great variety of colors, we have many suitable recommendations. Contact us to know more.

If you’d like to know more about our classics or new fabrics, you can check our catalog or Facebook fan page.

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